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Digital Servo Drives

Motion Control Products has one of the largest ranges of digital brushed and brushless servo drives to suit a host of applications. They are supplied in stand alone, PCB mounted or panel mount formats with a selection of bus protocols or are simply supplied with control inputs for analogue or step and direction inputs. With output powers from less than 100W and inclusive up to 110Kw the drives can meet most applications demanding, speed loop, torque loop or position loop formats. The drives are fully digital in both current, speed and position loops and are very efficient in a size to output power format. Our range can be provided with a host of servo motors to suit the customer's applications in terms of size, power and matched servo motor and drive packages. The drives can be provided with on-board stand-alone controllers or one of Motion Control's range of multi axis controllers.

Digital Servo Drives Main Features:

  • Digital Brushed Servo drives from 20W up to 400 Watts that take step and direction or analogue +/-10V inputs
  • Digital Brushless Servo drives from 40W up to 110kW with either step and direction, +/-10V analogue input or software bus protocols
  • Bus protocols including Ethernet, RS4985/232, CANOpen, Profibus etc.
  • Can be supplied with either DC or AC supply, single phase or three phase
  • Ultra Rugged and Compact
  • Fully built-in protection
  • Ruggedized options for extreme environments

Application areas include food/material processing machinery, Printing equipment, film & foil converting, Material handling, Textile, industrial automation etc.

Everest XCR Digital Servo Drive
Everest XCR Digital Servo Drive

Thanks to its small size and rugged design, our innovative Everest XCR digital servo drive can be mounted virtually anywhere: collaborative robot joints, wearable robots, unmanned ground or aerial vehicles as well as inside motors. Offering a high power density of up to 60A, +85vdc inputs and up to 5kW, this servo drive is also network enabled for SPI, EtherCAT, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and CANopen.

Digital AC Servo Drives
Digital AC Servo Drives

With the output power covered from 40W to up to 110Kw in AC input format, our digital AC servo drives include:

ACSM1 Servo Drives, DSD806 Servo Drive, Bassoon Servo Drive, Cornet Servo Drive, MCB Net Servo Drive and Magnum 400 Servo Drive.

Elmo Digital Servo Drives
Digital DC Servo Drives

With the output power range covered from 20W to up to 100Kw in DC input format, our digital DC servo drives include:

BRD-WHI three-axis Servo Drive, Harmonica Servo Drive, BSD810A Servo Drive